Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Father and son icefishing trip to Lake St. Catherine

My son Nick and I got a chance to actually icefish yesterday for a couple hours. Nick's pike came on a large shiner off a tipup and was about 32". This Pike was SKINNY....he must not know where the alewives are. We missed a couple flags with big bait and had "a run and a drop". I caught my Largemouth on a Hali spoon with mousie grubs fished off a 27" rod with 4lb test. The Bass was about 18" and was a challenge to get through a 6" hole with such light tackle.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The biggest Pike are caught ice fishing

You have to fish for trophy pike. This is NOT an action activity!!! Very BIG BAITS and you are more likely to not get any flags. Trophy hunters go weeks without catching fish....this isn't something I do. You are allowed up to 8 lines a person icefishing. Normally, I'll run 6 or 7 tipups and fish a jigging rod. When fishing a known big fish lake, I'll put out a line or 2 with some big bait and run the rest with normal sized bait. I really target action when running guided trips.

Top Fish Records - Species Northern Pike
Northern Pike
30 LBS 8 oz ( 30.5 lbs )
Glen Lake
taken on February 19, 1977 by Bernard M. Golob
28 LBS 13.44 oz ( 28.84 lbs )
Glen Lake
taken on March 7, 2009 by Kalem Taft
26 LBS 12.64 oz ( 26.79 lbs )
Norton Pond
taken on February 22, 2004 by Michael Ryan
26 LBS 0 oz ( 26 lbs )
Kellogg Bay, Lake Champlain
taken on March 1, 1970 by Robert E. Bearor
25 LBS 15 oz ( 25.9375 lbs )
Norton Pond
taken on February 23, 1996 by Peter A. Marshall
25 LBS 8.64 oz ( 25.54 lbs )
Glen Lake, Castleton, VT
taken on February 1, 2003 by Joseph F. Bruno
25 LBS 3 oz ( 25.1875 lbs )
Glen Lake
taken on March 10, 2007 by Kyle Blanchard
25 LBS 2 oz ( 25.125 lbs )
Lake Hortonia
taken on February 10, 1970 by Raymond Bishop
24 LBS 15.68 oz ( 24.98 lbs )
Norton Pond
taken on May 23, 1992 by Mark Lewis
24 LBS 14 oz ( 24.875 lbs )
Glen Lake, Fair Haven, VT
taken on March 8, 1974 by Michael W. Ziezulewicz, Jr.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ice conditions

We had a nor-eastern snow storm last weekend. Here on Lake St. Catherine we got 18" of snow. The weight of the snow pushes down on the ice. Ice fishing holes allow water to get up on the ice. Not a bad thing long term but currently there is 2 to 3" of slush/water on the ice. It is just a little messy right now. I'll be out today looking for gills. The forecast is for single digit temps over the next 5 nights....a good thing!!! that slush will make ice and we'll be good to go for Trout and Bass season next weekend. They plowed the State Park yesterday but the gate is still closed. "Anything fishy" Osborne is itching to get his shanty in the park....this fall there was a bunch of really nice Brown Trout cruising the shallows in the park. Please stay tuned and I do have a bunch of open dates.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

Lake St. Catherine Ice

I spent time on St. Catherine at Fern Cliff yesterday. More scouting with the Aqua-vu then actually fishing: marking weed bed edges on GPS and checking out ice thickness. We are ready to go!! Saw a really nice Largemouth and a decent Pike. Fish don't mind the camera until it moves.