Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Southern Vermont Ice Fishing

Ice fishing in southern Vermont will normally begin in early January. To run my guided trips, I look for a minimum 5 to 6 inches of ice. There will be guys out on 3 to 4 inches but I believe its better to be an old icefisherman than a bold one....I have been busy rigging tip ups and putting all the gear I supply in top working order. Fired up the gas auger the other day and got a couple of the hottest new reels in ice fishing: a pair of Eagle Claw inline ice reels....these are all the rage and are extremely hard to obtain. They look and function like a cross between a fly reel and a bait casting reel. The EC reel has a serious drag system and a smooth free spool...these will eliminate all line twist like you get with a spinning reel....
Thanks for checking in, I will be posting here on a regular basis. There are a bunch of trips in the book already... so please give me a call if you want to see what ice fishing is really about!

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