Monday, February 17, 2014


Currently, the conditions on top of the ice is very sloppy. We have 14- 24 inches of ice statewide, but there is also 12 to 25 inches of snow on top of it!....the 25 inches would be drifts but here on LSC we have and honest 16 inches of snow. The main issue with snow and ice fishing is the water and slush it creates....these conditions change over night at when I tell you WATERPROOF WINTER are examples of what I mean. These are insulated rubber boots made by Ranger. I wear these most of the time!
If you are prone to cold feet which I am not...these are a better choice they are called Baffin boots made in Canada
Lots of folks love Muck Boots they work good too
and lastly an all-round, all season, hunting, boat fishing, mud and snow favorite...LaCrosse Burly
There are plenty of other choices like the Smurf clan love the white Bunny boots but I don't like trying to untie frozen laces....Thanks for the view and there is still a ton of ice fishing left!